Auditions for 2018 Season

Cape May Stage, an Equity SPT Tier 6 contract offering housing, full health and pension benefits and round trip transportation from New York is casting its 30th season at Equity Audition Center, 165 West 46 Street, New York, New York 10036 on Thursday and Friday, February 15 and 16 from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, Lunch from 1 to 2. Please bring a short monologue and a photo and resume stapled together. In addition, local auditions shall be held on Wednesday, February 21 at Cape May Lutheran Church, 509 Pittsburgh Avenue in Cape May from 1 pm to 5 pm. Cape May Stage encourages participation by performers of all races and ethnicities. Producing Artistic Director Roy Steinberg and Director Marlena Lustik will be in attendance.

Sometimes actors make bold choices to be remembered; one jumped on my table and did his piece inches from my face, several start their monologues as they enter the room.  It is a great acting class to observe an open call where you’ll likely hear the same monologue many times in a day and experience how different it can be.

We depend on actors to help us solve an artistic problem of how best to tell a story.  We try to remain open and available to every artist.  We have great respect for actors and know how hard they work and how difficult the audition process can be.

Over the years, Cape May Stage has brought Tony Award, Emmy Award, Obie Award and Grammy Award nominees and winners to perform and design and direct.   Several Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning playwrights have come to Cape May Stage as part of the National Playwrights Symposium.  In some cases the writers stay to see their work mounted in a full production.By mid-March, the whole season should be cast.  It is always a kind of miracle that groups of artists come together and instantly form a bond to tell a story that they hope will resonate with an audience.

The 2018 Season:

Erma Bombeck: At Wit’s End by Allison Engel and Margaret Engel directed by Marlena Lustik rehearses May 8, previews May 23 opens May 24 closes June 22

Erma Bombeck – female, 50s to 60s – a dynamo with an easy laugh from Dayton Ohio – the humorist

Time is the present and various times from 1962- 1996

Chapter Two by Neil Simon, directed by Roy Steinberg rehearses June 12, previews June 27, opens June 29 and closes August 3

George Schneider– male – 42 – attractive, intelligent writer

Leo Schneider – male – 40 – George’s brother – great comic timing

Jennie Malone – female 32 – attractive, stylish

Faye Medwick – female, 35, more suburban

New York in the late 1970s

All characters need great comic timing – comic sexual situations for all

The Lion in Winter by James Goldman, directed by John Gulley – rehearses July 24, previews August 8, opens August 9 and closes September 14

Henry II –King of England (Henry Plantagenet) male-50s to 60s – filled with vitality – excellent vocal and classical training

Alais Capet – female 23, serenely beautiful – in love with Henry – she is his mistress – may cast EMC

John – male – the youngest son 16 – short, pudgy with a round open face and sweet smile – may cast EMC

Richard the Lionhearted – male –oldest son 26 – tall and handsome – soldier – at home with power and politics

Geoffrey – male 25 – the middle son, tall, thin, darkly attractive – quick of speech and movement

Eleanor of Aquitaine – female 61 plus – Queen –truly handsome woman of great temperament, authority and presence – a feminine woman who is capable of holding her own in a man’s world

Philip – male – King of France -17 – verbal – may cast EMC

Christmas, 1183 at Henry’s Castle at Chinon, France – classical training

Very accomplished actors who can play nuance and be exact with the lines


The Shuck by Shawn Fisher directed by Roy Steinberg rehearses September 4, previews September 19, opens September 20 and closes November 9 – WORLD PREMIERE

Constance – female – late 50’s, weathered, hard-working captain of oyster boat – no nonsense type

Anthony – male – late 60s, retired tough fisherman – romantic interest in Constance – loves poetry

Gail – female 30s, Constance’s daughter – a free spirited and opinionated bohemian – wants to save the world

Set in 1974 in Shellpile, New Jersey – during the time of Nixon resignation


An Actor’s Carol by Charles Evered, directed by Roy Steinberg rehearses October 30 opens November14, closes December 30.

Hugh Penderton –male actor in 60s playing Scrooge

Player 1 – Female 30s -40s – plays Tiny Tim (Tina), Stage Manager Christmas Past, wife of Theatre Owner, Actors, Low Life

Player 2 – Male 30s-40s plays George Theatre Owner, Usher Christmas Past, Critic of Christmas Yet To Come, Janitor

Player 3 – Male 30s-40s – Prop Manager, Dresser, Agent, Actors, Low Life

3 Players play multiple roles – should be good with movement, accents

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