Artistic Statement

“Follow your bliss.”
Joseph Campbell, mythologist/philosopher

artistic director

Passion is defined as a strong feeling or excitement for doing something or feeling for someone and that is our theme for this 2017 season. Whether it be flying a fighter-plane or pursuing intellectual paths or playing a card game or being smitten with your neighbor or rescuing a pageant, we marvel at our ability to make things happen through sheer will.

We mark the hundredth anniversary of our nation’s involvement in World War I with our opening play and apply that to contemporary conflicts. The word “passion” comes from the Greek “to suffer” and war is a time that stirs passions. A different kind of passion is explored through attending classes in a send-up of contemporary culture vultures with our first summer play and we conclude the summer with the Pulitzer Prize winning “The Gin Game” where that card game acts as a metaphor for life. Autumnal colors inform a passion in the Irish countryside between lovers and we end our season with three mad-cap performers bringing their passion to perform for us as a special holiday treat.

“Man is made that when anything fires his soul, impossibilities vanish” said Jean de la Fontaine. Theatre is a place of magic where the impossible can exist and we can bring you music, two plays by Pulitzer Prize writers, romance and humor.

Theatre has been defined as “two boards and a passion”. Our 2016 production of “Disgraced” was voted the best play in the entire state of New Jersey by and we consistently win Best Live Theatre awards throughout the season. We are most thankful for that and thankful to you for visiting us and supporting the work that is our passion.

Roy B. Steinberg
Producing Artistic Director