Employment Opportunities

Cape May Stage, Cape May’s premier professional Equity theatre company, welcomes you to apply for any of our open positions listed below:


Cape May Stage is an Equity SPT Tier 6 contract offering housing, full health and pension benefits, and round trip transportation from New York. Local and New York auditions are held in February of each year.


There are no open positions at this time.


Cape May Stage is currently seeking to fill several production positions for our 2017 season in Electrics and Carpentry.


Job Description: Crew member will act as Master Electrician under the supervision of the Technical Director. Responsibilities will include communicating with the Lighting Designer and Technical Director for each production. This will include preparing gels and accessories, handling rental equipment, and work closely with them during changeovers. Will also be responsible for day to day maintenance of the lighting equipment.

In addition to their electrician responsibilities, the crew member, they will also be serve a run crew member for each production. They will be responsible for aiding in scene changes and preparing props each night under the supervision of the Production Stage Manager.


  • Maintenance of lighting equipment
  • Maintenance of Lighting design throughout run
  • Organization of inventory
  • Hanging and Focusing lighting instruments
  • Wiring of Practical effects
  • Trouble shooting of lighting issues
  • Preparation for efficient changeover
  • Working backstage during performances
  • Setting props and assist in scene changes
  • Attending Rehearsals as needed

Pay: $12 an hour

Dates: 10/1/17 – 1/6/18


  • Degree in technical theater or equivalent work experience
  • Strong experience with hanging, circuiting, and focusing of lighting equipment
  • Experience with wiring of practical lighting
  • Ability to work quickly and efficiently under a tight deadline
  • Familiar with Vectorworks and Lightwright
  • Ability to analyze a Lighting Plot
  • Ability to lift 50+ pounds
  • Comfortable on ladders and scaffolding
  • Knowledge of ETC Element console
  • Experience working in a backstage environment
  • Cover letter, at least two letters of recommendation, and current resume



Job Description: Cape May Stage is looking for several carpenters to assist in our 2017 season. There are several different periods and each will need 1-2 skilled carpenters. Length and number of those needed is dependant upon the needs of individual shows.Individuals may be able to do more than one period. These periods are listed below, please indicate which you are applying for.

Will work closely with the Technical Director to build, paint, and install productions. Will work off of technical drawings get the set build in a safe and efficient manner. This will include using power tools, painting techniques and coordination.


  • Work under supervision of the Technical Director to get each set prepared
  • Assist in building set pieces according to technical drawings
  • Assist in the upkeep and cleanliness of the scenic shop
  • Assist in preparation of special events that CMS hosts

Pay: $450 a week with housing provided

Dates: 9/22-10/20, 11/9-11/16, 12/11-1/6


  • Minimum two years of theatrical carpentry experience
  • Strong experience working in scenic shops
  • Experience working from draftings
  • Full understanding of industry safety procedures
  • Basic understanding of scenic painting techniques
  • Comfortable with power tools, including table saws, mitre, saws and panel saws
  • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds
  • Cover letter, at least two letters of recommendation, and current resume

To Apply: Send cover letter, at least two letters of recommendation, and a current resume to Leigh Patton, Administrative Director, at development@capemaystage.org.

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