We are just a few short weeks from our Cape May Stage for Kids Summer Camps! Arts education is one of the pillars of Cape May Stage and we hope to be able to offer our Summer Camps to anyone who wants to learn, regardless of financial limitations.

Thanks to a grant from the OceanFirst Foundation, we are happy to present two scholarship options that can help everyone become a star!

The Ocean First Scholarship is designed to help families that may need some financial assistance in order to get their child or children enrolled in our summer camps.  A lack of funds should never get in the way of a child’s love of theatre and art! Parents will be asked to provide a few financial details on the application to ensure they are eligible for this scholarship.


Is your child a star in the making? Our kids camp can help nurture that talent and create well-rounded artists. For the Shackleton Star Scholarship, we ask what your child loves about the theatre… and while a box is on the application, we greatly encourage you to think outside the box. Tag us in an Instagram post of them singing their favorite musical number or playing their favorite character… send us a drawing or sketch… have fun with it and let your child shine!

For more information about our summer camp sessions or to sign up for camp, please click on the button below: