As we know, our world is being hit by the most impactful event of our lives. Your world is upside down, and so is ours. Big events require big responses. Whenever big events occur, the theatre responds with stories that inspire, offer solace or call us to action. In times of crisis, theatres like Cape May Stage can be a place of community, to come together and move forward into the future. Your patronage has kept Cape May Stage alive for over 30 years of bringing joy, humor and inspiration. We need you now more than ever. Since we must keep our distance to stop the spread of this disease, we can’t start our season as planned. With our performances delayed, we have very little income right now, but expenses keep coming in. We are applying for emergency grants, but they won’t come fast enough. This saga of what is happening all over our planet is not finished yet… This story needs heroes. Those heroes could be you. This is a time for super heroes. Please donate what you can. Together, we can keep our beloved theatre alive. We can’t wait to see you at the theater when this is all over.- Roy Steinberg


A message from Roy Steinberg- Artistic Director of Cape May Stage

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