Cape May Stage, an Equity SPT Tier 6 contract ($493/weekly) offering housing, full health and pension benefits and round trip transportation from New York is casting its 32nd season at Equity Audition Center, 165 West 46 Street, New York, New York 10036 on Thursday and Friday, February 20 and 21 from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, Lunch from 1 to 2. Please bring a short monologue and a photo and resume stapled together. In addition, local auditions shall be held on Thursday, February 27 and Friday, February 28 at Cape May Lutheran Church, 509 Pittsburgh Avenue in Cape May from 9:30 am to 5:30pm. Appointments for Cape May Auditions on February 27 and 28 can be made by phoning 609- 884-1341. Cape May Stage encourages participation by performers of all races and ethnicities.

We depend on actors to help us solve an artistic problem of how best to tell a story.  We try to remain open and available to every artist.  We have great respect for actors and know how hard they work and how difficult the audition process can be.

Over the years, Cape May Stage has brought Tony Award, Emmy Award, Obie Award,and Grammy Award nominees and winners to perform and design and direct.   Several Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning playwrights have come to Cape May Stage as part of the National Playwrights Symposium.  In some cases, the writers stay to see their work mounted in a full production. By mid-March, the whole season should be cast.  It is always a kind of miracle that groups of artists come together and instantly form a bond to tell a story that they hope will resonate with an audience.

The 2020 Season:

Adopt A Sailor by Charles Evered directed by Roy Steinberg rehearses May 4, previews May 20 opens May 21 and closes June 26

  • Patricia– female, 45 plus – upper West Side New York art dealer, funny, sexy, up-scale, charismatic – moves well
  • Richard – male, 50 plus – upper West Side New York film maker, pretentious, intense, in therapy
  • Sailor – male, 18 – any ethnicity –may cast EMC – innocent, almost angelic quality

Time is the present – Place is Upper East Side New York


The Last of the Red, Hot Lovers by Neil Simon, directed by Roy Steinberg rehearses June 15, previews July 1, opens July 2 and closes August 7

  • Elaine/Bobbi/Jeanette – female 30 -50–versatile artist to play all three roles from chain-smoking serial adulterous blasé to a ditzy, California actress to his very frightened wife’s best friend
  • Barney Cashman – male – 47 years old– a bit over weight, midlife crisis, trying to have an affair without much luck, funny, vulnerable, honest, New York

All characters need great comic timing


Guilty Pleasures: An unapologetic comedy by Ken Levine, directed by Roy Steinberg – rehearses July 27, previews August 12, opens August 13 and closes September 25

  • Jinx Berman – female, 30s – attractive, smart, stylish, Jewish, with a wicked sense of humor
  • Larry Berman – male 30s – Jewish, intense, Pulitzer Prize winning writer, insecure
  • Peter Drake – male 40s –CNN anchor handsome, charming and unflappable
  • Charlene Uranga – female- 30s Movie Star – gorgeous, vain, Texas drawl, way less smart than she thinks she is

A luxury cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea – Present Day

All actors need great comic timing a la Noel Coward


Shirley Valentine by Willy Russell directed by Roy Steinberg rehearses September 14, previews September 30, opens October1 and closes October 30 –

  • Shirley Valentine – working class Liverpool housewife with no filter and dreams of romance

Great accent and comic timing mixed with poignant vulnerability and pizzazz


25 Decembers: the Hanukkah Ham and Other Christmas Tragedies by Shawn Fisher, directed by Roy Steinberg -rehearses November 2, previews November 18, opens November 19 and closes December 27

  • Bernie– Jewish-ish writer 35 – also plays a Brooklyn stage manager
  • Reagan (Rae) – Christian-ish writer 35 – also plays a British producer

A romantic comedy about falling in love through 25 years of celebrating the holidays – they are now a writing couple