Before our Mainstage season begins on May 22, Cape May Stage is proud to feature several local artists as they present new and original shows. Up first is “Penelope Cake & Friends in Performance”:
Saturday April 27 8:00 PM
We sat down with Penelope to learn more about the show and to get to know her a bit better.

Do you recall the moment in your life when you knew you wanted to be an artist?
I have always wanted to be an artist.  I remember how excited I would get as a little girl whenever I could do something creative.  I made things all the time, put on performances in my backyard, wrote stories and danced whenever I would hear music.
Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration for your show?
My personal experiences are usually the inspiration for my performances.  I find the challenge of being vulnerable on stage something that audiences can really relate to.  It encourages people to appreciate themselves and find paths for their own forms of self-expression and art making.  I think my work is mainly about the struggle and satisfaction of having courage.

What is your favorite hidden gem in Cape May?
Definitely Ostaras Cafe on Park Blvd!  The best coffee in Cape May and one of my cast members is the owner.  I go almost everyday for a latte.  Its a very social place – lots of locals hang out there.
Are there any topics, or age groups, that you prefer teaching?
Right now I am teaching a curriculum that I developed called Creativity Lab at Cape May City Elementary School which combines movement activities with writing assignments.  After 40 years of teaching experience, mainly in dance and creative movement, I have finally found what I think is really important to teach children.  Creativity will benefit them in every aspect of their lives and it is something that has to be encouraged and nourished.  I also really enjoy working with adults in the fiber arts, collage, assemblage and writing.
Is there a role in a play, musical or other artistic work that you have always wanted to play but have not had the chance?
Peter Pan!  Doesn’t everyone want to fly?
Don’t miss this special one-night only event!