Readings at Cape May Stage:

Cape May Stage is dedicated to entertaining, educating, and inspiring audiences by producing fresh visions of classics, well-known contemporary plays, and new works. Don’t miss our popular “Readings Series” with local artists, actors, and storytellers.


Performance Date: Monday, 10/28/2019, 7:30 PM

Christie by Brian Richard Mori

This new play focuses on painting a portrait of the larger than life politician: Chris Christie. From the infamous Bridge-gate to his meme-worthy picture on a closed beach, Christie has been mired with scandal after scandal. Through factual communications with his closest advisors and rare glimpses of his high school days, this play takes an unflinchingly look at how a politician on the rise could fall so quickly and easily with one petty decision.

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Performance Date: 10/14/2019 at 7:30 pm

Adam & Yoshi by Tom Cavanaugh

ADAM & YOSHI is a full-length serio-comedy. It features a successful comic book creator who is surviving a divorce and falling deeper in love with Yoshi, a woman who dresses as a superhero. Adam bears with his unhappy home and career, but he learns from Yoshi how to envision a different reality for himself, until the end when she reveals her true intentions. Themes of masking, unmasking, complacency and bravery are interwoven as Adam adopts a change in values.

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Performance Date: 10/07/2019 at 7:30 pm

THE REDS By William P. Cain

Set in 2012, just before and also during Hurricane Sandy, The Reds focuses on the lifeguards who put their lives on the line every day to keep beach-goers safe. The play balances the fun and quirky aspects of the lifeguard sub-culture with the sobering realizations of how powerful mother nature can be.

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Performance Date: 06/10/2019, 8:00 pm


By Larry Kramer

The Normal Heart is a powerful, stirring drama based on the harrowing true story of the beginning of the AIDS crisis in New York City, and the gay men who fought with an entire political system to take their plight seriously. Based on playwright Larry Kramer’s own experiences founding the Gay Men’s Health Crisis in New York in the 1980s, The Normal Heart follows Ned Weeks, a reluctant leader but furious activist, as he campaigns for awareness, and tends to his own friends and lovers who are dying all around him. A strong indictment against ignorance, and a heartfelt story of love and compassion, The Normal Heart is a passionate and searing portrayal of a population at war, and a plague that nips at its heels every step of the way. The Normal Heart – reading

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All readings are Pay-What-You-Wish and do not require reservations. You may reserve your seats online by giving a donation. Just follow the link for more information on all the readings and how to reserve your seats today.  Doors open 30 minutes before the reading.