A Co-Production with The Eagle Theatre

97 minutes. 40 years. 25 songs. 3 roles. 2 actors. 1 family.

April 27-29 & May 4-6
Friday & Saturday 8pm | Sunday 3pm

Music: Andrew Lippa
Lyrics: Tom Greenwald
Book: Andrew Lippa and Tom Greenwald
Director: Ted Wioncek III

Set against the background of a changing America between 1950 and 1990, this truly original musical sheds a heart-warming light on the power of family. With a cast of only two people, John & Jen is a tour-de-force, taking them from playful childhood, through awkward adolescence, and far beyond. Audiences will find themselves uplifted by this sentimental gem, perfect for anyone who values the love, connection, and commitment of family.

Jen and her younger brother, John, are growing up in mid-century America. From secret handshakes to hidden family bonds, John & Jen are always there for each other. But, as the country becomes divided over the war in Vietnam, so does the family, and battle lines are drawn between the once-close siblings. When John joins the war, Jen is left to reconcile his memory, along with her son and brother’s namesake, who is trying to do anything he can to find the true meaning of home.

Starring: Will Connell & Kimberly Suskind

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